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Redbud Roots | Tiffany Full Spectrum Cartridge | 1g

Redbud Roots

Redbud Roots | Tiffany Full Spectrum Cartridge | 1g


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Strain typeHybrid

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Full Spectrum Cartridges

High potency Distillate, blended with Terpenes derived strictly from Cannabis.

Redbud Roots uses only cannabis-derived products in the creation of the Full Spectrum cartridges.

A spectrum of cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids are added to make a cartridge that truly represents a specific cannabis strain.

By working with our cultivation and partners, to perfectly preserve the very essence of a cultivar, we re-introduce high levels of terpenes to the exceptionally pure distillate.

Giving our team the ability to produce strain-specific effects, with the potency of a traditional distillate cart, and all the flavor of a live resin cartridge.

Every cannabis strain is sure to deliver mouthwatering terpene profiles with distinct and profound experiences.

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