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Apothecare | Certified Organic Mint Chocolate Chip | 3.5

Apothecare | Certified Organic Mint Chocolate Chip | 3.5

  • Hybrid
  • THC: 26.99%

Product Details:

Crosses: Green Ribbon X SinMint Cookies

Smells like: Not overly herby, but a nice cookie-esque aroma that betrays its potency.

Tastes Like: Cookies! No really. Not hit-over-the-head, but it was the best combination of herb and super yummy cookies.

Feels Like: "Wooooo, boy! This was strong. Super heady and psychedelic. I don't have the highest tolerance, but also not a lightweight, and this stuff had me floating. The perfect strain if you want to completely disconnect at the end of the day and let your worries wash away."-James

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